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Blizard Run Club….What people are saying


After suffering a bulging disc, which led to an acute nerve issue affecting the whole of my right leg from hip to toe, I turned to Jenny for help. Her expert knowledge and adaptable treatment plan saw a noticeable improvement after a few weeks. Soon I was back on the track doing speed sessions. I also signed up to Blizard Run Club; As a Masters athlete, you always know that you’re only one serious injury from the end of your race career, but thanks to Jenny and the Blizard Run Club strength and conditioning sessions as well as the in depth researched articles that I follow avidly there’s life in this old dog yet.


The online platform is easy to navigate, I like the chapters buttons as it’s easy to create my own bespoke sessions. I have mixed and matched an abs set with a glute workout and likewise with the warm ups

The half hours are easy to fit into a busy week- it’s good to be able to plan the week ahead alongside my work schedule- I’m now far more likely to complete a session as I know it’s there waiting for me

The articles that you post are interesting and provide just enough knowledge to know what and why certain aspects are important- obviously for me the foot conditioning was a great read!

The sessions themselves are delivered in a friendly motivational way- the banter and competitive edge between you and Dave does make me smile! Plus you actually enjoy it- which makes me in turn enjoy the session too

Understanding the reasoning behind the repetition of movement patterns has been good for me- it’s not necessarily how many reps you complete but the quality of them- I like that

The way that each session suits all abilities and your demonstrations of how to build in challenge are good

I like that the exercises are specifically to support running and that your experience of them will have an impact on my performance as they are tried and tested- that makes it all feel very safe

It’s good to know that the exercises I’m investing in will in time make me not only a stronger runner but support my body as it ages- I can confidently say that I am far more flexible and have increased mobility since completing the exercises- I am also running faster!



I cannot recommend Blizard run club enough, as having been a consistent weekly follower since its inception, I’ve had nothing but a positive outcome. Not only does it give a consistently focused exercise conditioning program, but it also continues to keep it fresh with new routines weekly. You also know with the great depth of knowledge from both Dave and Jen, that it’s structured in only one direction: for you to get the most value from your biggest asset - your health & fitness. The motivation it has given me has tremendously improved my foot conditioning in particular and allowed me to continue running when otherwise I could have just hung up my trainers. Thank you.



I’ve been using the Blizard run club platform since its inception. The 30 minute pre-recorded sessions fit perfectly into my busy lifestyle and I don’t waste time planning sessions myself. Consequently, I do S&C twice weekly- before it was minimal and inconsistent! I do the live sessions when I can, but the recordings also mean I can do them anytime. I love the mobility videos! At 9 minutes long, they are so easy to fit in- including at my desk! The S&C has made such a difference to my training; it has helped keep a long standing injury at bay, I am much stronger and have better form. I run long distance, and no longer suffer with post-race injuries. I am a total convert to this platform, it is such a great way of enhancing training- and the fact it’s led by people who are so experienced, and I trust to offer the most effective training methods, really helps.  


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