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Nutrition blog. How much sugar are you consuming?

23rd January 2014

There has been a lot of media attention recently about the growing problem of excessive sugar consumption in our diets and the problems that this is leading to, such as obesity and diabetes. We are all aware that to cut down on sugar we can take easy steps such as eating less sweets and stopping putting sugar in our tea and coffee.

But what about the ‘hidden sugar’ in the food and drinks we eat on a daily basis? Many foods classed as ‘low fat’ contain lots of added sugar, often to make up for the loss of taste caused by taking out all the fat!

Drinks in particular are a way in which you may find you are consuming large amounts of sugar without realising it! For example, a 500ml bottle of cola can contain 13 teaspoons of sugar! This amount of sugar not only causes damage to your teeth but as our bodies never need this amount of sugar it is stored on the body as fat! Swap to sugar free cola, or even better; try plain sparkling water instead.

Many fruit juices claim to be healthy , but beware of  juices made ‘from concentrate’ as this means that as well as the natural sugar from the fruit they also contain added sugars & water. Try to always buy 100% fruit juices and to be even healthier, add water to them, helping to cut down on the sugar content

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